Ibe Mokeme known by his stage name “SkizzyBoy” is an American born rapper out of Portland, Maine. Raised by his father, he uses personal experiences in his music to give his audience an inside look into the ups and downs of growing up in his city as a young African American male. At 18, Skizzy moved to Greensboro, NC where he began his music career; recording at Street Exe’s Chop Houze studio, Hit Factory, and performing all over NC-- from UNCG to Charlotte. Known for his smooth flow, hard beats, and versatile lyricism he began to create buzz for himself. One year of being out in NC, he suffered a small stint in jail but did not let that stop him from continuing his passion for music. Skizzy relocated to Los Angeles, CA after being released and has since found a manager, Kyrill Bozhko, a Platinum Engineer/Producer and YMCMB affiliate. He dropped his first project “Skizzy4L”, consisting of 15 songs which was widely well reviewed. Five months later he released a 6 song EP “Fazo” and has continued to release music on major platforms like Spotify and Youtube, promoting his brand and perfecting his craft everyday.